Sports played with dedicated team spirit and sportsmanship is best way to relax and distress hectic academic schedule. MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy Pune, believes in developing these qualities in students along with bright academics. “Healthy Mind Lies In Healthy Body” sport is best exercise to keep the body healthy. It has been rightly said Physical fitness and wellness are one’s richest possessions; they cannot be purchased, they are to be earned through regular exercise and systemic fitness and positive lifestyle habits. For this we have tradition of celebrating “Sports Week” right from the year of inception. Every year this event achieves overwhelming success. It is organized in the last week of December. Sport Committee conducts various sports:Badminton (Single, Doubles, Mixed doubles) Table tennis (Single, Doubles, Mixed doubles), Cricket, Chess, Carrom (Single, Doubles, Mixed doubles), Throw ball, Volley ball, Kabbadi, Foot ball, Basket ball