Dr. Rohini Revansiddappa Pujari

Dr. Rohini Revansiddappa Pujari


Dr. Rohini Revansiddappa Pujari is PhD in Pharmacology from Savitribai Phule Pune University and has completed M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) from Pune University. She has 13.5 years of experience in teaching and research in the field of Pharmacology. She has guided over 22 undergraduate and guiding 03 postgraduate students Projects. She has rendered her research in several research areas such as Neuropharmacology, Cancer chemotherapy, Toxicology, Dr. Rohini Pujari Immunopharmacology, Metabolic syndrome and many more. She has published her research work in several national and international journals and has more than 46 research publications and a book entitled “Preclinical Screening of Drugs” at her credit. She has also presented her research at more than 35 national and international conferences. She has guided number of research projects of M. Pharm. students for preclinical research work. She has worked on BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University funded research project as a principal investigator. (Research grant amount: 2.2 Lakhs). She is life member of APTI. She has handled several portfolios such as NSS Program Officer, Research Co-ordinator, Innovation Cell Co-ordinator, Scientist Incharge of Animal house facility, Library, Sports, GPAT, Journal Club, Pharmacology Laboratory Incharge etc. and now has been handling the portfolios of Pharm D Co-ordinator, F.Y. B. Pharm. Class teacher, Hackathon Co-ordinator, Admission committee member.



Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

M. Pharm. (Pharmacology)

B. Pharm.


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Teaching experience: 13 Years

Research experience: 7 Years



Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology – I, Pharmacology II, Pharmacology III, Pharmacology IV, Pharmacology V, Pharmacological and toxicological screening methods I, Pharmacological and toxicological screening methods II