Dr. Ranjit Gadhave

Dr. Ranjit Gadhave

Assistant Professor


Ranjit V. Gadhave is M Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Pune University currently persuing Ph. D (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He has 13 years of experience in teaching and research in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He has guided over 20 undergraduate and 06 postgraduate students Projects. He is engaged in research and development activities through funded projects. His research work is related to synthesis and biological evaluation of designed molecules. He had received research grants from BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University. He had been Programme Officer of National Service Scheme for 5 years. He is life member of APTI & IPA.


Ph.D. (Pharmceutical Chemitry)

M.Pharm (Pharmceutical Chemitry)


Research Publications:

Research Paper 1: “Spectrophotometric Simultaneous Determination of Famotidine and Domperidone in Combined Tablet Dosage Form by Ratio Derivative and Area under Curve Method” Pelagia Research Library; Der Pharmacia Sinica, 2 (3) 2011,: Page 60-66 (ISSN: 0976-8688)

Research Paper 2: “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation for Antihistaminic activity of N1-Alkyl–2(N4- Alkyl/Aryl piperazinyl methyl) Benzimidazole derivatives” Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry 5(7): July, 2012; Page 892-892 (ISSN 0974-4169)

Research Paper 3: “Stability indicating RP-HPLC-PDA method for determination of abiraterone acetate and characterization of its base catalyzed degradation product by LC-MS” International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol 8, Issue 2, 2016 page no. 76-81 (ISSN 0975 – 1491)


Teaching experience : 13 Years

Research experience : 6 Years


Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-IV, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis-III, Pharmaceutical Analysis-IV, Pharmaceutical Analysis-V, Medicinal Chemistry-III, Medicinal Chemistry-IV, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence, Drug Design, Advanced Medicinal Chemistry, Adavanced Organic Chemistry, Hazards and Safety Management.