Dr. Anil Pawar

Dr. Anil Pawar

Associate Professor


Dr. Anil Pawar received the B. Pharm. degree from Pune University in 2004 and M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) 2009 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India. He was a first Rank holder in university during M. Pharm. Examination. In 2017, he received the Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmacology) degree from the Poonaiyah Ramajayam Institute of Science and Technology (PRIST) University, Tamilnadu, India. He is working as Head and Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacology of the institute. Dr. Pawar has 9 years of teaching and 1.5 years of Industrial Experience. He has presented a research paper in various national and international conferences. Dr. Pawar has 20 research papers and 2 books to his credit. He is a life member of APTI, IPA, IPS, SPER, IASTAM-India, LASAI and Laboratory Animal Scientist’s Association (INDIA). He has provided consultancy for ‘Preclinical screening of herbal and synthetic drugs’ to Researchers and Pharmaceutical Industries.


Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

M.Pharm (Pharmacology)


Research Publications:

Research Paper 1: Anil T. Pawar, Niraj S. Vyawahare. Protective effect of ethyl acetate fraction of Biophytum sensitivum extract against sodium oxalate-induced urolithiasis in rats. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2017; 7: 479-486.

Research Paper 2: Kalyani Divakar, A.T. Pawar, S.B. Chandrasekhar, S.B. Dighe, Goli Divakar. Protective effect of the hydro-alcoholic extract of Rubia cordifolia roots against ethylene glycol induced urolithiasis in rats. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2010; 48: 1013-1018.

Total Publications : 20


Teaching experience : 10 Years

Industry experience : 1.5 Years

Book publications:

Book : 2

Book Chapters : 1


Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology & Clinical Biochemistry, Pharmacotherapeutics