Faculties, PG and Ph. D. scholars are working on various research projects; academic, collaborative, consultancy and funded research projects are routinely undertaken in the institute. Funds received for research schemes are more than 225 lakhs. Institute has filed more than 10 patents to Indian Patent office.
Various research areas currently explored by the faculties and research scholars are:

  • Cancer diagnostics,

  • Nanoparticles,

  • Novel Drug Delivery systems

  • Structure-activity relationship studies

  • Computer-aided drug design.

  • Combinatorial chemistry

  • Green chemistry

  • Rational Drug Design

  • Food-drug Interactions

  • Cyclodextrin Technology

  • Analytical Method development

  • Natural Products

  • Formulation & Development

  • Standardization of Ayurvedic formulations

  • Development of herbal formulation

  • Extraction and Isolation of phytoconstituents

  • Pre-clinical studies